Our sustainability strategy recognizes that we conduct business in an evolving, increasingly complex, global landscape and our ability to achieve sustainable outcomes is intertwined with people, politics, our planet and economy.  

Pelangio utilizes a sustainable, balanced approach in its commitment to environment, social and governance (ESG) in line with the size and scale of its exploration activity. It seeks to minimize its impact on the environment and create a safe inclusive workplace partnering with local communities to leave them more enriched than when it arrived. We believe that striking the right balance among environmental, economic and social considerations within the context and stage of our exploration activity creates long-term value and resilience.  We approach these environmental responsibilities meaningfully, proactively, and with due care.  


The Company is reviewing and familiarizing itself with the various global standards and evaluating how to align our company’s size, scale and activities with them.  We have chosen to voluntarily disclose information that more broadly describes our activities, policies, opportunities and risks. We aim for continuous improvement through time. Integrating ESG metrics across all operations is a complex and extensive process that will evolve and become more meaningful as more detailed quantitative information becomes or is made available through its suppliers and contractors. 

As a junior exploration company, within the broader context of the mining industry, our environmental impacts are relatively minimal but the opportunities for improving the lives of the communities where we are working are substantial. We evaluate opportunities and initiatives for continuous improvement as they arise. The Company maintains strong relationships in the local communities where it operates.  Both its operations in Canada and Ghana are located in jurisdictions with a long history of mining and exploration activities and there is an inherent understanding of the improvements to community, education and job creation through the discovery of new deposits.  

We are thrilled to have parterned with Onyen - an ESG reporting tool which will help us benchmark our journey of continous improvement. Please view our 2019 report below:


The Company operates with the highest standards at the forefront of its activities. It places a high value on actionable efforts versus just words and has implemented or contributed to a number of notable initiatives.  

In Ghana, the Company has worked with a number of entrepreneurs to encourage businesses that have both a positive environmental impact as well as a long-term social benefit. The Company helped a local drilling company called Deep Rock to bring in and utilize man-portable drills called Grasshoppers to use in its drill programs. This provided employment and skills training to the local community but also minimized any environmental impact during drill mobilization. This has not only improved the livelihood of the local community but also aligned their success with Pelangio’s and helped to ensure a positive and enduring legacy. 

In addition, Pelangio has also focussed on providing needed building materials and supplies for schools in our local communities and providing funding toward bore holes for community water. Even while at the exploration stage, the Company continues to seek innovative and cost-effective ways to assist the local communities where it operates. 

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