2021 Sustainability Report

Pelangio Exploration strives towards the highest standards of corporate governance and responsible environmental stewardship. By adopting ESG principles and standards at an early stage, incorporating this mindset into our activities and providing sustainability reports on our progress, we feel that this is the first step of many on our journey of continuous improvement. 

Only things that are measured may be improved. Pelangio believes that by striving to achieve the highest standards for ESG compliance, the focus on continuous improvement and the data gathered empower us with the tools necessary for ensuring exploration activities distribute the benefits amongst all parties impacted by our activities. 

Pelangio Exploration's core purpose is to actualise the potential for mineral exploration to assist in creating a pathway for wealth and economic prosperity within the communities where we operate and for our shareholders.  

Appropriately realizing such a plan necessitates that both the costs and benefits of our activities be identified and measured alongside one another. Our commitment to pursuing the leading edge of ESG initiatives provides us with the data necessary to navigate the course of action which maximises benefit and mitigates risk. 


Ingrid Hibbard 

President and CEO 

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