Procedures for Receipt of Complaints and Submissions
Relating to Accounting Matters

  1. The Corporation shall inform employees on the Corporation's intranet if there is one, or via a newsletter or e-mail that is disseminated to all employees at least annually, of the officer (the "Complaints Officer") designated from time to time by the Audit Committee to whom complaints and submissions can be made regarding accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing matters or issues of concern regarding questionable accounting or auditing matters.
  2. The Complaints Officer shall be informed that any complaints or submissions so received must be kept confidential and that the identity of employees making complaints or submissions shall be kept confidential and shall only be communicated to the Audit Committee or the Chair of the Audit Committee.
  3. The Complaints Officer shall be informed that he or she must report to the Audit Committee as frequently as such Complaints Officer deems appropriate, but in any event no less frequently than on a quarterly basis prior to the quarterly meeting of the Audit Committee called to approve interim and annual financial statements of the Corporation.
  4. Upon receipt of a report from the Complaints Officer, the Audit Committee shall discuss the report and take such steps as the Audit Committee may deem appropriate.
  5. The Complaints Officer shall retain a record of a complaint or submission received for a period of six years following resolution of the complaint or submission.
Whistleblower Policy

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